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Progressive ideals mean progress.

Progress April 5, 2017

Happy First Contact Day

As any good citizen of the Federation knows, today is First Contact Day. First Contact Day is celebrated to honor both the breaking of the warp barrier by Zefram Cochran in his ship called the Phoenix and first open contact between Humans and Vulcans on April 5, 2063 in Bozeman, Montana.

Progress March 25, 2017

How To Make A Killing in Business

Idiot America is fond of saying on social media these days that “liberalism,” by now a sort of catchphrase for Democrats, feminists, progressives, environmentalists, gay rights supporters and the like, is a mental illness.

Progress September 11, 2016


I think a lot of people don’t realize that the loss of the World Trade Center, horrible of course in countless ways, was a specific and personal source of disquiet for many New Yorkers like me long after the towers came down.

Progress June 10, 2016


This website is totally jacked right now, because I’m changing over to a newer, better layout. Hopefully this thankless task won’t take too long, so hang in there loyal readers.

Progress May 30, 2016

In Flanders Fields

Memorial Day is almost over, and so passes another day America sets aside to glorify war. On days like today I especially despise the bullshit rhetoric about honoring those who died fighting to protect our rights. Oh really?