I think pretty much everyone watches the show “Hoarders” for the same reason I do, which is that it makes you feel good because someone else is even more fucked up than you.

Hoarders 1 - American Slander

Hoarding is no joke.

I have to admit though that I while I guiltily watch Hoarders from time to time, I always find it a bit unsettling that the show offers up people with obsessive-compulsive disorder as entertainment. OCD is a serious form of mental illness, not a comical personality quirk.

Hoarders 2 - American Slander

I’m no expert, but I think this is mental illness.

I mean sure there are people out there, me included, who have too much stuff in too small a space and who should get off their ass and get their shit organized, but that doesn’t make them (or me) a hoarder. Hoarders live in homes overwhelmed by GARBAGE that they can’t throw out because it causes them severe mental and often physical distress because they have OCD. Those people aren’t messy or disorganized, they’re suffering from serious mental illness and they need to get treatment, not be exploited in a freak show.

Hoarders 3 - American Slander

That is not me.

My friends often refer to me as a hoarder, and I think that’s really a shame. Not because I’m hurt by it, most of the time I don’t listen to what my dipshit friends have to say anyway. But I think it does a disservice to people who actually are hoarders, because it mocks and cheapens a severe illness and I don’t think any of us should be in the business of making fun of sick people.