I had to share this fucking asinine meme, not because I agree with what I think it’s trying to imply, but because of what flat-out idiotic bullshit it is.

Stupid Kermit 3 - American Slander

Stupid is as stupid memes.

First off, whoever created this meme wrote “…give up their tax return…” What the fuck does that even mean? Do they mean give up their tax REFUND? OK so right off the bat we know this meme was created by fucking morons.

Also, what exactly is “welfare” anyway? Do they mean TANF, which is a severely restricted program that generally includes stringent work requirements? Do they mean SNAP, which is primarily given to children, the elderly and the disabled? Do they mean Medicaid, which keeps poor people from dying? Do they mean unemployment insurance, which keep families from falling apart? Do they mean SSDI, which is taxable income, or SSI, which is not? Do they mean the Earned Income Tax Credit? Do they even know what that is???

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Works part-time at H&R Block.

Who do they think are getting these lifestyles of the rich and famous “tax returns” anyway? Are they referring to the tax refunds that many poor people receive as a result of the EITC, which oh yeah applies to people with EARNED INCOME? Or, as is more likely, are they referring to the dreaded, mythological “welfare queen” who sits at home all day eating fried chicken with four or five kids? Well that is just pure fucking bullshit, considering you can’t claim most “welfare” benefits as taxable income, so you can’t get back a refund for overpaying withheld taxes on them. Also, since a perpetually unemployed person has no earned income to qualify for EITC, they will not be ineligible for an EITC credit in the first place. And EITC does provide indeed provide refundable credits based on the number of children in a household, but not to people with no earned income.

But I admit I’m not a tax lawyer, so please, explain to me how all these people on welfare are getting big ass income tax refunds? What are they claiming on their tax returns? Do they have any taxable income? What is it? What kind of refund amounts are we talking about anyway? I’m all ears…

Welfare Queens - American Slander

The glamorous life of the American Welfare Queen.

I never fail to be amazed by the fact that so many American are jealous of the poor, AS IF BEING POOR AND HAVING KIDS WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME. If you’re a middle class American who works hard but is still broke at the end of the year, did it ever occur to you that maybe it’s because you’re living beyond your means? Maybe you shouldn’t have an empty savings account, 10 maxed-out credit cards, three cars, four or five kids, a mortgage, a widescreen TV in your bathroom and a boat parked in the back yard. MAYBE THE PROBLEM WITH AMERICA ISN’T THE POOR, MAYBE IT’S THE POOR FINANCIAL CHOICES THE MIDDLE CLASS SEEMS DETERMINED TO MAKE.

And sure, you can complain that the “system” is rigged against the middle class and they are being squeezed out of existence, boo fucking hoo. Well gee, maybe that’s because we currently live in a nation that is hell-bent on busting unions, keeping salaries as low as possible, denying workers benefits and pensions, pricing college out of reach and raising prices of consumer goods through the roof, all of which have pretty much doomed the middle class to extinction. And whose fault is all that? Um, well, that would be YOUR fault if you voted against your economic interests over and over, as so many middle class Americans just love to do.

Rich White People - Ameican Slander

I can’t believe how we middle class folk are being squeezed!

But whatever, none of that is proof you can just say fuck reality and fuck common sense and live beyond your means. What it proves is if you are what is considered middle class then you, YOU, have to make sound financial choices that will allow you to live a life where your comfort is equal to your means. Stop worrying about the nonexistent riches you think the poor are raking in, and start living your own life right. It’s not the 1950s any more, get a fucking clue folks. How about instead of being a typical chickenshit targeting the poor for your impotent, idiotic rage, you start targeting the people who are ACTUALLY taking your money. (Hint – it’s not the poor, dummy…) But that would take courage wouldn’t it, and courage is in pretty short supply in America these days. But that’s none of my business…

Stupid Kermit 2- American Slander

I call bullshit.

Oh and by the way, fuck you Kermit you pig-fucking, slimy-ass, tea-slurping dipshit.